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Body Trust: Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Beyond

Makes ALL The Difference


Get To The ROOT Of Birth Fears...You Didn't Know You Had

The subconscious mind picks up birth stories you've heard as if they were you're own, so no wonder you're body holds so much birth related tension.

You Don't Have To Tear

Tearing is a sign of forced pushing and too much tension in your body. Sync up with your body's natural ability to spontaneously push (SURRENDER).


 Things We Do Together:


1. Rewire your subconscious birth story conditioning from the trauma stories you've heard throughout your life.

3. Learn breakthrough female body physiological education and body based practices to guide you through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

2. Create a solid foundation of safety within your body to be able to stand on (trust) throughout the the process of labor.

4. Prevent tearing, c-section, panic attacks, hospital transfer, baby resuscitation, intolerable pain, long exhausting labor etc

5. Enhance postpartum health: Say goodbye to low breastmilk supply, prolonged tiredness and dry skin.

6. Promote a fast labor process and peaceful birth experience.

7. Cultivate a connection with your body to work TOGETHER with it's intelligent design.

Meet RaShonda


Hey Mama,

Pregnancy, birth,
portpartum have their challenges (rightfully so).


I know a thing or two about the process leading up to childbirth along with the immediate weeks after from my personal and classroom training.


I went from feeling panic...not knowing what I didn't making empowered decisions, ultimately, choosing to birth at home without assistance from a doctor, midwife or doula.

It's My Mission to Walk With You

Providing you the behind the scenes steps I took took, so you can trust your body.

+ Uproot the fear based conditioning you have about birth and let nature run its course.

+ Sync up with your intelligent body through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond and stop hating it every time you experience a symptom you don't like.

+ Flow through the unknowns into informed decision making.


+ Enhance your vitality postpartum.

+ Own the walk you walk into Motherhood.

+ Soak in a peaceful birth that lasts no more than 3 hours.

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