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About RaShonda


I'm  RaShonda Morin

Intuitive coach, birth coach and massage therapist specializing in free birth

I believe when women are tapped into their personal power they have soooo much capacity to own their birth story. With some inner work to dismantle fear based birth programming in a supportive coaching container, more personal power is uncovered.


My journey began 4 years ago with  intensive research and work on the inside of my human to prepare for the home birth of my first daughter. My knowledge around overcoming birth fears and beyond has sense deepened.

I’m here to provide the framework and tools so that Mothers at all stages of their lives can anchor into their power, and reach their next level expansion.  A ripple effect can be caused by one woman's transformation, causing other women to crave self such creative power over their own live's. It pushes them to move towards a more authentic life. This is world changing.

I believe women are extremely powerful and there are portals in which their own felt sense of personal power can be strengthened  ed by the way they choose to exercise  their own authority over their birthing experiences, creating exponential desired results in their lives. Birth has a lasting impact on women and the families they come from, so when it happens on a woman's own terms the whole family gets a boost of confidence. 

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