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Intuitive Coach



Is Calling You

You want to TRUST & CONNECT 

the intelligent design of your *body* for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.

You're tired of:

+ Asking facebook groups what's happening to your pregnant body

+ Calling your doctor every time a symptom occurs

+ Obsessing about how your labor will play out



Welcome Mama,

I'm RaShonda

Birth Coach

Childbirth Educator

Massage Therapist

One time I was pregnant along side one of my friends. Our pregnancy journeys and birth stories were polar opposites (rightfully so). She had a long drawn out labor that resulted in more pain for her and her baby.

Another time I had friend pregnant along side me and her baby almost didn't make it.

A common theme among these women in my life was being disconnected and not trusting their bodies (rightfully so). 

Because I had 3 hour, 3 push labors twice at home...  in peace with my babies thriving, I'm now on a mission to walk pregnant women through the steps I took to arrive at that destination.

Forest Trees


Support for every step to connect with your female body.


Massage Therapy

Release tension, soothe your physical, mental and emotional pains to create safety in your body again.


Birth Coaching

Trust your body's innate abilities during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.


Childbirth Education

Illuminate the unknowns: Know how your body works when you're expecting.

My Clients Say

I can always count on having an excellent, healing and renewed massage every time I go to Rashonda. Not only is the massage deeply relaxing, Rashonda goes through a thorough consultation before beginning to pinpoint where my issues are underlying so she can make the most out of the service to help me. I always look forward to our appointments as I feel so refreshed afterwards. She’s got the healing hands and cares about cultivating authentic relationships with her clients.

Jessica House

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